Creative Services

Word of mouth has proven to be the best sales tool, and social networks are the fastest and most far-reaching word of mouth mechanism ever seen.  Social Media creates a low-cost and effective way to connect with people in the market for your services.

Millions of people use the internet but not every business has realized this unique opportunity. Don't get left in the dust! For a $75 set-up fee we will create a Facebook and Twitter page for your business. For a flat fee of  $25 per month, we will advertise  your product and services to specific markets that are interested in products similar to what you offer.

With this type of low-cost service, you should ask yourself "why isn't my business online again?" Don't go another day without a web presence.  Reach your market by simply engaging in the right conversations with the right people. This is more effective than advertising.

Twitter & Facebook aren't just for teenagers.  They are revenue generating tools of the 21st century that connect people with products, places and information! Being online creates opportunity for transaction and interaction. See examples below.